A Little About Us

Many years ago, Carlene Francis opened a Jamaican Restaurant off Academy Boulevard and the Hancock Expressway, but sold the business after only a year to deploy overseas to Iraq. She did several stints back and forth, continuing with military defense contracting up until this past May 2015.
Then, in early November, she launched Island Delight (3735 Bloomington St.), because she loves to cook, matter-of-fact It’s her passion.
She grew up in the town of Savanna-la-Mar on Jamaica’s west coast, leaving the island when she was 20. Our menu reads like a local’s, with traditional dishes like curried goat and goat head soup, oxtail, and several jerk-spiced options. But she intentionally changed it up a bit from what was offered at the first restaurant, adding an array of salads and shrimp dishes, plus jerk burgers and wings and vegetarian items, some of which can be made vegan.

Curry Tripe